See our rates panel below for our current prices. (note prices are changing January 2017)

Predesigned Template Modified to Your Requirements (includes Responsive/Mobile/Tablet code) - from $199 depending on the template chosen. See our Templates Gallery for more information. Price does not include Hosting and Domain Name.

Customized Web Design (includes Responsive/Mobile/Tablet code) - from $499. Price does not include Hosting or Domain Name.

Website Redesign - from $249. Price does not include Hosting or Domain Name.

Wide-Angle Digital Photos of your Property - property sizes ...

up to 4 bedrooms and/or 2200 sq ft $99 ;
4+ bedrooms and/or 2200-2700 sq ft $149 ;
6+ bedrooms and/or 2700-5000 sq ft $199 ;

photo packages include all post-production editing, resizing and will be provided to you online via

Virtual Tours - sorry we are not currently producing virtual tours. We are researching new media technologies and will update our website shortly.

Photo Enhancements - Free with digital photos purchase

Gallery / Slide Shows - $15

Logo Design - from $120

Banner Design - from $99

Basic Hosting - $60 per year (includes updates to website text/photos)

Enhanced Hosting - $80 per year (includes updates to website text/photos PLUS Editable Regions)

Wordpress / Blog / Forum Hosting - $100 per year

Domain Names - $15.17 per domain per year (this is the price set by the domain registration company we use. - $114 for 12 months Standard Listing, $149 for 12 months Premium Listing - FREE with the purchase of a Virtual Tour

If you already have a virtual tour you can add your property and tour to Link Opens in New Window for a one-time fee of $99 until you either sell the property or no longer rent it out. - website under construction

Availability Calendar - One-off Admin Fee of $20 for database setup and installation of the script. See an example of the availability calendar.

Local Weather Widget - FREE

Basic Contact Form - FREE

Detailed Forms - $25 each

Gallery / Slideshow - $15

Self-Edited Guestbook - requires purchase of Editable Content and Enhanced Hosting Package

Google Analytics - Visitor Statistics - FREE

Editable Content - $20 per year (as part of Enhanced Hosting Package)

Ready to Proceed?

To place an order for a website please complete our Order Form here and have ready the following information about your new website:

  • Domain Name (i.e.
  • Website Title (i.e. My Florida Villa)
  • Website Tagline (i.e. Your Vacation Home in the Sun)
  • Template name if you have selected a Modified Template Design (i.e. D3 Green Curve) - or enter "Custom Design" or "Convert Existing Website"
  • Color Scheme Preference
  • Your Navigation/Menu Page Names (i.e. Home, Villa Details, Rates etc)